Colonial Luxury

Nestled in a Tea Estate

With 225 acres of lush green vegetation around you, this is where the perfect holiday for rest and relaxation starts.
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Architectural Finesse

In a Serene Setting

A stunning bungalow that melds Sri Lankan and Colonial architectural detail, set in picturesque Lindula, Nuwara Eliya.
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Warm Smiles

Distinct Local Hospitality

Unhurriedly savour the Sri Lankan brand of hospitality and our traditional cuisine, with our experienced, well-mannered staff by your side.
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Diyanillakelle Estate Bungalow

The bungalow and the estate are set amidst the quaint town of Lindula in Nuwara Eliya.
A place of utmost tranquility, its luxurious amenities, our warm staff, and ample opportunities for relaxation make this a holiday destination in a class of its own.
Pamper Yourself

What We Offer

Your comfort during your stay is important to us, so we’ve arranged for some unique amenities.

Diyanillakelle Tea

Arise to a warm cup of freshly brewed tea each morning, prepared using the estate’s very own tea leaves.

Sunrise Breakfast

If you’d like to stay in bed a while longer, you can savour a delectable local or continental breakfast right in your room.

Bottle of Wine

If you’re staying with us for 5 days or more, we’ll give you a complimentary bottle of wine to help you unwind and relax.

On-request Laundry

Our staff is well-equipped to handle your personal laundry needs if required for a nominal fee, and we’ll ensure your clothes are clean and smelling fresh.

Free Wifi

Hundreds of miles from the city, but stay connected to your friends and family with complimentary WiFi.

Widescreen LCD TV

Do not miss your favourite TV series or sporting events while at the bungalow!

Secure Parking

We’ll ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure, round-the-clock, in our secure parking area.

Laptop on Request

Log in and attend to business as usual or browse around for what the island has to offer, on a laptop provided on request.



    From differently-fitted rooms in a number of sizes, to the full bungalow, we offer several options for you to select the perfect fit for the holiday you have in mind. Regardless of your choice, the bungalow and its environs promise a getaway from city life in a space that’s especially designed for rest and relaxation.


    Our suite-style options include the Rosemary and Thyme rooms, and they combine ample space with a host of modern amenities in a premium setting.


    The deluxe category consists of Oregano and Chive rooms. Ideally suited for a couple or a small family, it offers considerable luxury in a spacious environment.


    The Peppermint room is our superior option, and it affords plenty of space and a list of amenities at an economical rate.

    What’s There To Do?

    Diyanillakelle Estate Bungalow is located in the idyllic town of Lindula in Nuwara Eliya. The region is famed for its mist-clad mountains, green fields of tea, and natural waterfalls. Here are a few activities you can consider during your stay at the bungalow in Nuwara Eliya.

    Tour Arrangements

    Diyanillakelle Estate Bungalow is the perfect point from which to set off on a number of great adventures across the region. We can arrange a customized tour, based on your preferences, if you give us prior notice and let us know the experiences you’d like to take in while in Sri Lanka.

    Tour Arrangements

    The Wild

    Explore Wildlife

    Nuwara Eliya has a lot on offer for wildlife enthusiasts, from the rare White Sambhur, the Barking Deer, and Mouse Deer to the Giant Squirrel. The area supports a wide range of flora and fauna, some of which are endemic to the region.
    The Wild

    Explore Wildlife


    Mountain Bike Rides

    One of the best ways to take in the untouched beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills is by bike. You can cycle through Diyanillakelle Estate with a resident planter, and even across the surrounding tea fields right through the town.

    Mountain Bike Rides


    Tea Plucking

    There is no better way to experience tea culture and estate workers’ life, than by spending a few hours fully immersed in plucking tea leaves along with the ladies whose profession this is.

    Tea Plucking

    Updates from Diyanillakelle

    Stay on top of the latest news from Diyanillakelle Estate Bungalow, our tea estate, and our unique in-estate programs. From amenity and room updates, new food and cuisine, to the latest experiences Nuwara Eliya affords, we’ve got it all right here.