Shriya Holdings


Shriya Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

Shriya Holdings took ownership of the estate in the year 2012, and they have since undertaken several reforms to uplift the standard of the estate and the bungalow.

The company currently owns and operates Diyanillakelle Estate, which extends over an area of 227 acres. The estate consists of a 170-acre area of tea, of both conventional and organic varieties; Diyanillakelle Estate Bungalow, which offers both local and foreign guests a unique holiday experience in the hills; and a 25-acre expanse of land that will soon be developed to carry out a smart greenhouse-farming operation.

The incorporation of good agricultural practices, after they took over, led to them receiving GAP certification. The estate-blend of tea, Diyanillakelle Tea, has swiftly built a name for itself in the international market.

18 acres from the total tea acreage (170 acres) have been converted to organic and subsequently received fully-organic certification. An additional plot of 35 acres has been selected, and will undergo complete organic conversion. The long-term objective of Shriya Holdings is to convert the entire estate to organic by 2025.

The objective of the group is to ensure sustainability and social responsibility across each of its efforts: the tea estate, the bungalow, and the planned smart greenhouse-farming operation. Parallelly, Shriya Holdings is deeply invested in improving the social and economic well-being of the workers and their families, amounting to 600 people for whom Diyanillakelle Estate is their home.


Premium Tea

Each cup of tea you savour at the bungalow is brewed to perfection using the finest Broken Orange Pekoe black tea, from the leaves and buds plucked right here at Diyanillakelle Estate.

Group sustainability and social responsibility

We are in the process of converting a third of our entire tea extent (170 acres) to fully-organic within the course of 2020. The Group’s green footprint is important to us, and we have initiated wider plans to parallelly commence a smart greenhouse-farming project.

Our Wider Impact

Organic Tea and Smart Greenhouse-Farming

Our responsibility in building a more considerate world is important to us in our bungalow operation, as well as in our other endeavours. As such, we’ve converted 18 acres to fully-certified organic tea so far, and will undertake organic conversion of the remaining 152 acres as well by 2025.

Parallelly, we will develop smart greenhouse farms across a considerable portion of the estate, with the intention of producing high-quality fresh vegetables for sale as well as for use in the bungalow. While improving the lives of our 600-strong community of estate workers and their families, the smart greenhouses will introduce a model for consistent year-round vegetable production.