Bungalow Facilities


Our Amenities

Your comfort is extremely important to us. So we extend a number of unique amenities to you, to ensure you have the best holiday possible at our bungalow.

Our Offering


The rooms are spacious and feature high ceilings along with numerous touches of luxury. We also offer the following to enhance the quality of your stay.

Tea or Coffee

A freshly brewed cup of tea using the estate’s finest leaves or a strong aromatic cup of coffee to get you started for a day exploring the region.

Breakfast at Sunrise

You can choose to have your first meal of the day in the comfort of your own room or we’ll set it up in the garden for you to take in the breathtaking view while you eat.

Wine Bottle

If you’re planning on staying with us for 5 nights or more, we’ve got a complimentary bottle of wine for you to savour leisurely.

On-request Laundry

Our staff is well-equipped to handle your personal laundry needs if required for a nominal fee, and we’ll ensure your clothes are clean and smelling fresh.

Free Wi-Fi

You may be far away from home, and the city, but our strong Wi-Fi connection will help you stay connected to work, family, and friends.

Widescreen LCD TV

Do not miss your favourite TV series or sporting events while at the bungalow!

Secure Parking

A safe and reliable parking space and dedicated security personnel, to ensure your vehicle is fully secure during your stay with us.


We’ll provide all your basic toiletry needs during your stay with us. We ask that you use them responsibly though, in keeping with the bungalow’s sustainability theme.


    Full Offering

    Additional Conveniences

    In addition to the in-room services we offer, we provide a number of additional conveniences to ensure you are placed in absolute comfort for the entirety of your stay in Sri Lanka.


    We will ensure your safe passage in a comfortable vehicle, whether it is from the airport to the bungalow or from the bungalow to wherever you please. Just give us prior notice, and we’ll get it sorted for you.


    Whether you are checking-in or you have reached the end of your stay with us, rest assured that you luggage and belongings are in safe hands. Our trustworthy and friendly staff will help transfer your luggage to your room and back to the vehicle when needed.


    Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at Diyanillakelle Estate Bungalow. Whether you’d like to sleep in for a while longer or you appreciate your privacy in general, our staff will ensure that you are not disturbed during your stay with us.

    Room Service

    We provide you with the option of having your meals in the comfort of your room, for added privacy and comfort as you tuck into the delectable cuisine on offer at the bungalow. During meal service times, or for an in-between snack, our team will arrange for room-service meals to be brought right to your room.

    Children’s Play Area

    Our outdoor children’s play area will ensure that your kids have plenty to do while on holiday. We’ve also got several board games and children’s movies on offer, to ensure your kids are occupied and having fun, while you take that well-deserved spell of rest and relaxation.


    We’ve got a number of local guides who are familiar with Nuwara Eliya and the wider area, to show you what’s there to do and see here. From moderate-difficulty hikes to the most scenic trekking routes, our guides know these parts inside-out and will show you this hilly region up-close.