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Finest Ceylon BOPF Tea

Diyanillakelle Premium Tea

Diyanillakelle Tea is fast gaining recognition as a premium-quality brand of Ceylon Tea, both at home and across the globe. Both its organic and conventional varieties are in high-demand, for the mild yet sweet characteristic of the tea grown at Diyanillakelle Estate in Lindula, Nuwara Eliya.

The unique topography and climate prevalent in Lindula and the extended area of Nuwara Eliya, provide the ideal conditions to cultivate some of the best-loved tea varieties worldwide.

The plantations in this region enjoy a cooler climate, year-round, and are located at altitudes exceeding 1200m. From Hatton, rising up along what is referred to as the ‘Golden Valley of Tea’, up to Talawakelle, Lindula and Nanu-oya and onto Nuwara Eliya, are tea fields producing some of the world’s most prized tea.

Finest Ceylon Tea

Estate Tea

The flavour imparted often has much to do with the climatic conditions and the terrain the tea plants are grown in. Try out our estate’s own brand, Diyanillakelle Premium Tea, and you will taste the difference immediately.

We’ve included a few reasons why you should indulge in a warm cup of Ceylon Diyanillakelle Premium Tea:

    1. Reduce your risk of heart disease
      Tea has the potential to improve your blood flow by widening your arteries and, thereby, reducing the risk of blood clots. The antioxidants contained in tea, referred to as ‘flavonoids’, are also known to slow down the occurrence and risk of heart disease.
    2. Keep your body hydrated
      The first choice may always be water when rehydrating the body, but a cup of tea is often a much better option where your health is concerned. Rich in caffeine, tea offers a rich and flavourful alternative to water along with a host of additional nutrients.
    3. Prevent tooth decay
      Tea is an elixir! Did you know that regular consumption of tea can strengthen your teeth and reduce the occurrence of tooth decay? A great source of fluoride, tea can protect tooth enamel and is known to take the fight to bacteria and it keeps gum disease at bay as well.
    4. Tea makes you slim!
      The perfect complement to your diet when reaching for weight loss goals, scientific studies have demonstrated that regular tea-drinking actually helps in slimming down.*especially in the morning and prior to lunch
    5. Enhance your memory
      Scientists have reason to believe that varieties of tea such as green tea, can actually positively impact the function of memory cells in the bran. Tea is also known to reduce the risk and development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
    6. Protects against cancer
      Research has shown a lower occurrence of prostate, mouth and breast cancer among regular tea drinkers. Although there is no conclusive evidence at this early stage, the anti-carcinogenic property is attributed to the known abundance of antioxidants in tea.
    7. It improves your mood
      Tea helps in enabling a healthy metabolism while reducing the effects of stress, as it a slow-calorie natural beverage that is full of antioxidants.  Theanine, which is found in tea, is known to alleviate mental and physical stress while improving one’s mood.

So, enjoy a healthy cup of Diyanillakelle Premium Tea as you engage in a bit of rest and relaxation at the bungalow, and enjoy all the benefits described above!